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Motion Gesture based Apps control

a startup idea shared by Awais Jafar on 07/06/2014

The latest apps that I've seen for gesture control apps is based on that we write a gesture on mobile screen , like W and it opens up whatsapp . Similarly for other things. I propose to create an app that is based on motion gesture ( based on Accelerometer data ). Like I make a W in the air and Whatsapp opens, I make a gesture M and Messages opens. Each user trains its own set of gestures for different apps. and we don't need to open an app to make gestures. The app keeps running in background and looks for action only when a gesture is made. Moreover, Gesture based Authentication can be implemented. Like we do a signature in the air with our smartphone and the phone gets unlocked. I have done all this with Accelerometer data in MATLAB and writing research paper on it but now i plan to turn it into an app. I'm seeking investment and an android and iOS developer for the idea.



Gesture Control

Gesture Recognition

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