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Networking platform for social innovation

a startup idea shared by Arun Jose on 05/25/2014

Create a Q&A platform along the lines of quora, where users can post problems or inconveniences that they face in their everyday life , from small inconveniences like large queues at dmv, to severe problems like lack of clean water in rural areas. Other users can then suggest elaborate business plans or even suggestions that would take a positive step towards solving this problem. Users will be able to upvote and downvote the solutions provided for each problem. At the end of each quarter all profits earned by the website would be allocated in a fund to be used towards implementation of the most up-voted answer, and assigned to the user who posted the question and the answer to the same. The platform will also serve as a platform for budding social entrepreneurs to meet-up with one another.



not for profit


Social Entrepreneurship

social innovation

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Cole Trumbo Get funding Provo, UT, USA
Ruslan Kovalov development, lauch in my country Germany, Ukraine
BM Ashok Programming/developer India
Ryan Conley Developer Boston, MA

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