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New frontend development language for the WEB

a startup idea shared by Dávid Ipacs on 03/12/2015

My problem is that there isn't any really good tools to develop frontend. There are tons of great tools and frameworks for HTML, CSS, and JS but it's still JS which I think isn't the answer for this question. I think a new language which is built from the ground up to serve frontend development can be the solution. The imagined language and framework will have the following features: - Declarative syntax for UI building (instead of HTML) - Databinging - Easy animations - Redesigned styleing system (instead of CSS) - Statically typed - Object oriented and functional programming mix and match - Develop and test the full frontend without the need of the backend, with REST mocks - UI widget library on top of HTML - Resuable custom component creation - Instant preview (like in HTML, save and reload) - Transpiled to HTML, CSS - Debuggable (both code and component structure)





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