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News aggregator Web and APP Solution

a startup idea shared by Mohamed JLIDI on 05/31/2015

Journalists, academic researchers, and even ordinary people are always looking for latest news and maybe in particular reduced number of types of news because of specialty. So Google is great website to search anything, thanks to its very intelligent indexing Algorithms, yet we still face the routine of typing manually the keywords in the search bar, and then scrolling down the page after that we watch the results and select from it what we find interesting, all this, and we do the same job everyday. The journalist or the academic researcher after collecting the core data needed for an article the he will start to write the essay. So here we have some difficulties and some time being wasted because we miss a tool that does this computational job for us. The idea then, we can create a Web based solution, that gives the possibility to its users to describe how the core data needed looks like by giving titles and keywords, some are static and some are variable. The search result or the Generated report could be saved to a database, so you can go for years back to see the search results and this helps well journalists and Analysts to easily build their reports automatically.





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