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No Middle Man Access to the Web

a startup idea shared by Kazunori Seki on 04/15/2016

Here's what I observed within several techie communities as commonly implicational problem we have on the Web. Someone calls it as WEB3 or 3.0 We're governed by advertising model of agency on every aspect of search and connection, getting some benefits in exchange of our privacy and advertisement. On the other hand, anonymous and collaborative micropayment on decentralized service offerings base is going be built on blockchain, especially on ethereum centered ecosystem now a days, including underground crypt currency freak and kind of top notch researchers. Those are connected with so called smart-contract, which carries deals among people. When I access to the web, I spend my time, my privacy to servicers and bills for utilities like electricity and ISP. Those are all horizontally organized and coming to me separately aware. Why can't I manage them vertically as one like a dime for finding something help my next article writing gathered in a screen? The dime is divided into bunch of servicers I use by the smart-contract to be paid directly from my wallet, without disclosing any privacy nor owe liability for the purpose not I desire, i.e. other than finding what I need.



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