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One tap is all you need

a startup idea shared by Yury Kuksa on 04/11/2019

Remember the time when we tried to save money on phone calls and called just to leave "Missed call" notification on our friend's phone? This was the time when we both understood what this notification means, without any words. Maybe you wanted your girlfriend know that you think about her, or let your friend know that you want to meet, or tell your boss you are running late, or let your parents know you want to talk if they are miles away. What if there was an app to do that the same way as before? The app that is so simple that one tap sends enough context to be understood, secure and private by design, yet powerful to transform the way we communicate. Want to join a team of mine - UX/UI designer and my friend - Backend developer to work on this project (we have a prototype and great monetization ideas)? Leave me a message at

One tap messaging

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