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a startup idea shared by Binh Vo on 05/30/2015

Problem: Polypharmacy is defined as the effects of taking multiple medications by patients concurrently to manage co-existing health issues. Polypharmacy becomes problematic, dangerous, and ineffective when these drugs interacts with one another and/or contribute life threatening adverse events. It becomes extremely difficult for pharmacists and physicians to intervene when multiple drugs are being dispensed at multiple pharmacies. Solution: A free mobile app that is built like financial accounts (ie. mint), to allow consumers to access all their prescriptions and medications when they are logged in. Upon initial set up, ONEpharmacy will down all prescription data from associated pharmacy accounts (ie. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Medco Express Scripts, Humana, ect.,) Ways this mobile app can eliminate the polypharmacy effect: 1. ONEpharmacy will have the capabilities to analyze drug interactions and adverse events. 2. ONEpharmacy can assists physicians and pharmacists in getting the bigger picture for a patient's medication history 3. ONEpharmacy can remind patients with pill burdens to take medications on time (as an attempt to increase patient's compliance)

adverse events


drug interactions









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Hannah Nguyen Hannah Nguyen Dallas, Texas
Hồng Sơn Đỗ product development Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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