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Online Health & Medical Service

a startup idea shared by Alakes Guchhait on 02/18/2016

We lose so much of our time and effort for getting general health&medical service. We do these things like appointment with medical professional, waiting for medical check up,then medical test of blood,sugar,urine, x-ray etc from different labs and again re appointment with all test report for getting prescription, go to medical stores, waiting for medicine, again consult with pharmacist for doses. This process again to be continued when we go for next check up. If we have multiple health problems then we face more problems in multiple prescriptions. If we design and process entire system online so that we can book appointment, visual consult online with medical professionals, contact labs for taking blood, urine (if we have our staying nearby it they could collect it from our homes) or taking x-ray for reports. Then doctor should direct us to make more test or physical meeting to him. If we have our soft profile of medical history we need not visit each time to healthcare. Medical Store can pack getting prescription online and inform us whether they send to us or we collect it there. Pharmacist can guide our doses and medicines. We should pay for each service online.




Medical Check up

Medical Professional

Medical Test


Online Consult



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Ashish Adavatiya Idea development and execution Ahmedabad, India
Gaurav Agrawal Lead Developer at Medocity Inc. Gurgaon
Rama Krishna Reddy Dyava Machine learning/AI prediction of tabelts Italy
Hồng Sơn Đỗ Product development Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Santosh Kumar Healthcare Expert Bangalore

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