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Online open-source medical avatar

a startup idea shared by Yan White on 01/12/2018

Online interactive body avatar to be used for initial self-diagnosis as well as medical reference, educational purposes.<br><br>Avatar would be customised to match user based on personal details, body type, sex, ethnicity, age etc.<br><br>Based on statistical data people would be able to highlight areas of pain or other symptoms and learn about likely possible causes, what organs might be affected, what common diseases may be the cause, dietary suggestions, an overview of different datasets that could be selected, all the way to white papers.<br><br>State of the art web graphics, explorable down to high level of detail, 3D with interactive layers.<br><br>Basic AI (at first) question/answer format, collate curated list of suggestions, diagnoses, articles for study etc.<br>An interactive wikipedia for the body.<br><br>Centralised and open source corpus of all available medical knowledge (with consensus, some curation, statistics).<br><br>Doctors and surgeons would also be able to use this model as a visual reference and it would be contributed to on an ongoing basis.<br>Data could be managed using an expert voting system similar to that on stackexchange.<br><br>Must be advertising-free, open-source.<br><br>





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