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Organize real-life first-person shooter games

a startup idea shared by Sasmito Adibowo on 06/01/2012

Hackers and geeks in general doesn't usually get a lot of exercise . Their jobs tend to be sedentary and likewise on leisure times they play computer games which are also sedentary. Working out is usually boring since you need to do repetitive mundane tasks like push ups or sit ups and thus there isn't much innate motivation to do it regularly. In contrast first-person shooter games are exciting and fun and they bring a sense of testosterone release. How about having a group that organizes playoff of first-person shooter games in real life? It can be as macho as paintball wargames or as cheap as waterguns or soft-splat guns. In any case you'll need to act out those maneuvers that you do in CounterStrike or Halo with your entire body and get fit in the process.





war games

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