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out for laughs

a startup idea shared by Daniel Scott on 10/29/2016

Every one could do with more laughter in their lives. In this App people could either upload or stream live videos in which they have 1 minute max' to try and make people laugh. As people watch the video the App uses facial recognition software and the camera on the phone to detect if they laugh. Videos will then be automatically rated by % of people that laughed at it. The videos could then be grouped 'funniest of the day/week'. Users would setup profiles so you could view other videos by people you found funny. Competitions could also be run for example 'most laughs obtained in week' in which it would take in to account all videos uploaded that week by a user and the amount of people they reached and made laugh. Profiles would also be setup for the users that watch the videos and the app would record how easy they to make laugh and at what kind of things the laugh to, this would allow video recommendations to be made and reputations to be build 'The hardest person to make laugh' or this person laughed more then any body else this week. To keep the app fresh there could also be a theme each week.









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