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Personal Teacher

a startup idea shared by Adrien Lemaire on 03/29/2012

We are at a turning point in the Education history. The online eduction is exploding, and the traditional education system will have to update itself very soon. I'm dreaming of a personal teacher, a physical tool that you can carry with you everywhere, that will learn about you and your best learning method (everybody is not equal, some will learn better by listening, other by reading, etc), and then offer you the best learning program ever. Every "teacher" would be connected to a cloud, and they would be able to share informations between them, which will allow us to find relevant partners for the learners, people wanting to learn the same things and living relatively close from each other. This will require huge efforts to realize: an online platform + restful apis, a robot, etc. But I believe that this would be one of the best inventions for the decades to come.


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Adrien Lemaire Cofounder Japan
dryhay Made already something like that in PHP. London
Saul Fleischman Marketing, PR, UX Osaka, Japan
Vincent Kofi Technical Development/Policy-Making Nairobi, Kenya
othman El Moulat beckend and front end developer Morroco
Sandae Macalalag Backend Developer Philippines
Vaibhav Attree Partner Atlanta USA
Scott Doten Marketing, Sales, and Business Development Chicago, IL
Tee Wamz any role NYC, USA
Ritchie Wong Teacher Hong Kong
shrirang wyawahare Software Developer INDIA
Suresh Kumar Web Developer India
Maxim Voloshin iOS app developer Korea

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