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mbmike shared this idea 4 years ago

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Pi - The Discovery Platform / Sharing Competition

a startup idea shared by mbmike on 09/25/2016

A new economy has been constructed in the Internet age - An economy of views. I want to design a platform that allows users to invest a virtual currency, called Pi, in content they believe will be successful. If other users see heavy investing in a new post, a snowball of investing and interest will ensue. If the content gains popularity, the backers that believed in it are rewarded with returns from a successful investment, and the content creator gets exposure. If the content does not get views, the investment is lost. The platform is meant to be a game of skill, incentivizing users to go out and find great content that isn't getting the views it deserves. The first phase of the site will focus gaining a loyal userbase, and the best way to do that is to centralize the sharing of comedy. Funny content of all mediums are being shared in a decentralized, stumble-upon fashion. This platform is meant to set up a visual competition between content creators and between the people who share and find this content. Top investors and consistently successful content creators will be listed. The next phase moves into areas like books, blogs, podcasts, TV shows, movies, etc.





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