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Picture app

a startup idea shared by Petter Ingebrigtsen on 02/06/2015

This app is an app with different categories. Best selfies, Random pictures, hot pictures etc. all the categories are not yet decided. The idea is that people posts a picture in one of the categories, hopefully it is their own pictures (not taken from the internet). When they post their picture people can rate it. So when people rate your picture, the rating of you profile may increase as well. There will be a top list of pictures for each category, so people can see the funniest pictures of the categories is etc. There may also be a hall of fame, where pictures from all the categories may receive a spot if the ratings are high enough. I am considering doing weekly or monthly contest of the best picture, so people are encouraged to post pictures. The idea is in early stage, but I am looking for people who may think this is an good idea and believe in the app.









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