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Plant trees, sell/buy trees, harvest trees online

a startup idea shared by Arnold Minde on 06/02/2013

Some of us want to be involved in planting trees and conserving the environment. But planting trees is tedious and time consuming, and sometimes there is no where to plant. What if you could order planting of trees all online? What if it is for profit? You could then plant 1 tree, 5 trees, or 5,000 trees a year, as you wish. You could then watch the trees grow over the years. You could trade ownership of the trees with others at anytime, when they are a few months old, 1 year old or 10 years old. You could get a GPS location of the trees, and get assistance in visiting the place any time you wish to. After 10-15 years, you could physically go and harvest your trees and walk away with your tree logs, or you could sell them online, at profit, to timber processor on the ground. And while you are doing this, you are actually saving the environment by reforestation. You are creating employment opportunities to local village communities. A few of your trees will be part of a larger farm of trees owned by others like you. Should this farm qualify for carbon credit or any other benefits, your share of the proceeds will be sent to you.





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gaurav sri web design, tree plantation kanpur, India
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