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Pocketbook - say goodbye to paper receipts!

a startup idea shared by H kn on 11/15/2013

Receipts. Some people keep them in their wallets Some people keep them in shoeboxes Most people are frustrated with keeping them organized. It gets worse when you are looking for this one particular receipt as you go through piles of paper receipts. These paper receipts are messy, they are a hassle to deal with and they make it difficult to keep track of your expenses. Well Pocketbook solves your problems. From now on, you can opt to have the store send your receipt to your Pocketbook app, which keeps all your electronic receipts organized. You can search by date, by store, by amount or any other information for easy retrieval whenever you need a particular receipt. It is easy and amazingly convenient. Pocketbook also gives you a summary of your expenses which makes it so much easier to monitor your total spending, regardless of whether you pay in cash or which debit/credit card you use. App is currently under development. If you are interested in contributing, we welcome you to join us!









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H kn Founder, UI design Toronto
Suman Pradhan, MCSD Software Engineer Mississauga
Rozy Singhani Windows phone developer India
guyromb Web developer, Internet professional Israel
paramount process and technology software Developer India
Omkar Nawghare Patil Software developer pune maharashtra India
Vinh Le App Engineer VietNam,
mcdapps mc funding and design netherlands
Sunday Akinsete Mobile App Developer Lagos, Nigeria
Peter Alfred project management Egypt
Noopura Web Developer Washington DC, USA
yasir adnan Android Developer Dhaka,Bangladesh
Shabari Nath Testing and Automation kolkatta
Stewart Henderson Senior developer, server side Chicago, IL
Start2Finish Setting up the business and co-manage brooklyn, ny
Erik Gielstra Finance/Controlling Netherlands
Howel Albano Business Development Sydney, Australia
Jason Safaiyeh Mobile App Developer Los Angeles, CA
Vishal Vernekar Software Developer(API) Goa, India
Fazal Khan Marketing, Launching, Funding Boston, MA
fk Business relations Montreal QC
Silapu kanan solution architect Los angeles
Dylan Wynn Amateur Programmer Los Angeles, CA
Rohit Kumar Backend and Web development. United States
Dinesh Raja Soundrapandian iPhone app developer Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Ivan Zdane Backend developer Guelph, Canada
Josh Kessel Marketing, Launching Sydney, Australia
Matt Brown Developer / Designer Colorado Springs, CO
Yash Patel Web Developer Princeton, NJ
Nikhil M Business Development, Graphic Designing, Marketing New Delhi, India
Steven Naumberg co-founder/developer New York, New York
Safwan Khan Marketing Pakistan
Tawanda Kevin Gumbo Young Entrepreneur, Investor U.S.A
Carl Forrest Analytics, Quantitative Marketing, Growth Hacking Arlington, VA
Luxi Liu Android Developer Melbourne, Australia
Rebecca Rose Marketing?Advertising/Operations/Project Managemen London, United Kingdom
Chitrangada Nemani Android App developer India
Ahmed Boustani Android App developer Ifrane, Morocco
Azizbek Rasulov Project manager Norwalk, CT
Anushree Gandhi Software Engineer Bangalore,India
Trevor Browne Web Developer Tampa, FL
Pariola Boluwatife Sales Promotion Nigeria
chinmay Developer India
doo lou Entrepreneur Mauritius
Д. Бэлгүүтэй Belguutei Mongolia
Kyle Harris Finance/Controlling Rexburg, ID
Taha Rushain Android Developer Pakistan
Don Wence Graphic Designer Nairobi, Kenya
Ramees Pc Front End Web/App Developer Kerala, India
Rjh Rjh Digital Marketing India
Syamantak Namde Android developer Pune,India
Azhar Abbas operations/marketing in my country India
Cobe Lapierre web developer belgium
Anne-louise Fyhring Service/product designer Denmark
kushagra rajpoot Android app developer india
Chiara Android developer Italy
Ray Rodney Intellectual Property Law and Patenting Kenya
Junji Zhi Web Back-end developer Canada
ERIC Dwamena Web design Accra, Ghana
SKN Backend Developer, Project Manager India
Mateen Ahmad iOS Developer Pakistan.
ssc Software Architect Islamabad
Vivek K Pandey SSE Java,Spring,Hivernate Delhi
Anand Kumar Software Developer Delhi
cipher94 backend Developer Bengaluru
Arun Prabhu Developer Kitchener, Canada
Zoë Ovenden marketing/promotion/relations London
Saqib Muhammad Front-end web developer / android developer United kingdom
Tevin Miller developer Kenya
Kyle Kaplan Marketing and assistant United States, CA
Suto-Minyukus Tamas Web Developer Reghin, Romania
Kutlo Angela Sammy Molefe Interested in marketing & launching in my country Botswana
Swapnil Garg Cyber Security Programmer Qatar
Samuel Ong Zhi Ming Web Developer Malaysia
A. King Front end web developer (Detroit Michigan United States
Leo Forney Android Developer Chicago, IL
Sowjanya P Android App Developer India
MN Vikings Fan Developer Toronto, Canada
Jeff Yeung IOS developer Taiwan

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