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a startup idea shared by Karachalios Kostas on 04/03/2013

During the Athenian Classical Ages, where the ideas of equality and civil liberty shaped democracy, arts and sciences flourished. However the massive increase in population, urged for the swift to indirect democracy. What we hope to recreate for politics in the UK and Greece is a social media website platform where people can come together to discuss political issues and represent their views. Both the already established legislation and the future proposals will be uploaded onto the website and summarised in a simple and concise way. Users will then be able to simply vote yes or no and then see how other users voted. Users will also be able to suggest edits and amendments to the laws, which other users can upvote/downvote, comment on or suggest edits themselves. The ultimate aim is to get the population interested in and discussing political issues through our website. Users can compare how they voted with how the parties voted, to improve their understanding of which political party best represent them. We are already established as a team of volunteers ready to operate and maintain the website, however we would like the technical expertise to develop the website.









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