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Private social network for neighborhoods

a startup idea shared by Samir Begic on 06/29/2014

Facebook is great but mostly people connects to their friends and families.What about everyday life in your local communities.Your next door neighbours ?When neighbours get together and start conversation that benefits everybody in that community.Share messages,post events,alert neighbours about emergency situations,classifieds,lost and found,reccomend services etc. Platform is already developed although still needs more development,mobile app is on the way.At the moment GIS database covers Toronto,Canada.More parcel data is available but still not plugged into system.I am looking for co-founders from Canada to work on this but also i am offering platform for people in other countries who want to start project in their countries.I imagine making teams who will work in each country and also work together to improve platform along the way.


social network

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richard_loo devloper beijing ,China
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Ajay Thakur Phonegap developer India
Nick Cvetkovic Generating ideas/Promotion & advertising South Wales
Keith Gibson Launch my country United States
louis sampson Launch in my country Ghana
Lotfi Francky Launch in my country Algeria
Olamilekan Kayode Richmond Adeniji Launch in my country Nigeria
Aaron Bailey Launch in my country Portugal
Venkat M Business Development India
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