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a startup idea shared by ShuBham NarKhede on 12/27/2018

Public News is an Advanced System helping the users to know the news, articles or any interesting things happening around their Locality. This System helps the local public to keep themselves up to date about the happenings around their vicinity or locality or in their City. There are 2 apps for this system to work; one for the admin and another for the user. The user is allowed to view the news only of his city while user can add news related to any city. The Front end used is Android Studio while backend as FireBase Server. The user has to register into the system to use this app and can update his details as well.The latest news is shown first and so on, the user can also refresh the news resulting the latest one shown first and current news will be closed. The user can add a picture and a title related to the news.The user can use only 450 words to address the news. The Look and feel of reading the news is exciting and amazing as the system provides swipe to move to the next or previous news with transition effects. After That if we want to chat with any one then we will like his/her profile and then we will chat with them



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Konstantin Golik Developer Moscow, Russia
Fayez Katbi Founder&CEO Canada, Ottawa
Emmanuel Nyamekye Developer Ghana,Kumasi
kunal bafna Developer Sion,India
David Razak Senior Software Engineer Ghana
rakesh ranjan Full Stack Developer Delhi
Albeiro Espitia Sierra Full Stack Developer Colombia
Akeem Qudus Developer Lagos, Nigeria
Moustafa Wehbe Software Developer Lebanon

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