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Puppy Training Treats Dispenser

a startup idea shared by Aga Szymanska on 01/16/2013

I recently adopted a puppy who is now growing and learning how to be a good dog. I have done a decent amount of research about different training techniques and things that may be useful to train a dog. I decided to used "positive reinforcement training" which essentially means that we shell reward desired behavior of the puppy so that he repeats that very same behavior in the future. Reinforcers could be treats as long as we remain consistent. It is important to be consistent A big portion of dog training occurs outdoors, thus it is really important to remember to bring the rewards when you take your puppy out. I found it difficult to remember to take the treats with you every time you leave the house; I started putting them in little bags and leaving them in my pockets but that idea is pretty time consuming and isn't as eco-friendly as I'd like it to be. I thought that it would be great to have little, easy-to-use, "green" dog treat dispensers that you could attach to the leash just like popular waste-bags for dogs. I did some research online and in pet stores and could not find any product like that.


dog training

puppy training

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