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Putting Wikitravel on the (g)Map

a startup idea shared by Vincent Burg on 07/02/2012

Problem: Wikitravel is a great source of free and open travel information. It is very useful for detailed information, but too detailed for just getting inspired or broad planning. If we could only tap into this great source for this purpose... Solution: a mashup displaying Wikitravel articles on Google Maps. The articles should be displayed at their relevant area, respecting scale, which means "Asia" would be an area, "Malaysia" a level down, and "Melacca" another level down etc. This would allow browsing the map by area and levels of detail. The information shown should only display pictures, what to do, key features etc (so excluding hotels, getting in and other detailed planning information) keeping it focused on deciding where to go.

google maps






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usingchris web development South Africa
Vincent Burg functional design, testing, coordination Traveling (Malaysia)
dogan1aydin Developer Turkey
Sridhar Ganesan Developer India
Mohammad Hafsanjani Salleh Launch in my country Malaysia
Michael Madden Launch in my country United States
Suraindran Manoharan Marketing / Apps developer ios/android malaysia mail:
MMS Mamdouh AlShamy Android Developer Egypt

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