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Quick Date app

a startup idea shared by Miguel Fajardo on 01/13/2016

Let&apos;s say you&apos;re looking to get into the game of dating, and apps like tinder are great but, they still need some old school work like courting in the chat and asking for phone numbers and the moment when you have to ask for the date. <br><br>But what if there were a dating app, with the difference that it just ask you when you want to have a date, for example tonight at 8, and just swipe through prospects until you match with someone who would actually have a date with you, but also match with you in the timing of when they want to date, that would be much more suggestive, that would be like asking a girl, ok do you like this guy? and would you date him today at 8?. Tinder is currently just asking if its there a possibility, even a remote one that you would fuck this guy?



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