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Rate or review my apartment unit

a startup idea shared by Ravi Teja Channapati on 02/27/2015

Most of us might have faced this problem, go into a new rental apartment and see the problems later one-by-one like bugs or problem with sun light or bath tub or dish washer or so on... We can neither foresee these issues on our first visit to apartment nor move to other apartment due to lease agreement or cost and efforts involved in moving. <br><br>We have lot of ratings/reviews information available in internet for an apartment but not for a specific unit in the apartment community. I thought it would be good to have website/app to track and show these unit specific problems to people.<br><br>I am really inspired by which makes traveler&apos;s life comfortable by providing seat information for each airline.<br><br>Any improvements or suggestions are welcome !!! <br>Also I am looking for a good name for this...any ideas are welcome :):)





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