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Recommender system with discount notifier

a startup idea shared by Jakub Borkowski on 08/11/2014

From time to time video games stores offer discounts (bundles, deals) on their products. I am aware that there are a lot of sites who offers discount monitoring and combine deals in one list. But they don't offer any more advanced filtering options. You have to check list day by day and scanning all titles, even if you are interest only in a few categories of games or titles similar to other title. Every gamer has his/her own favorite types of games (e.g. FPP, TPP, RTS, strategy, RPG, casual etc). Often is more complicated than category. (i.e. I love all Sid Meier's games (strategy category) but i don't like other strategy games) How it should works: a) Tell me what video games titles do you most admire (recommender system will based on this list) c) If any store offer a discount for recommended game, you will get notification on e-mail. You don't have to check discount lists on daily basis. Revenue stream based on affiliation You can use this idea to other types of products



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recommendation system

recommender system

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