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regular rides at cheap rates

a startup idea shared by Aakash Roy Chowdhury on 04/21/2018

There are many people who goes to a particular place regularly like an employee who goes to job six out of the seven days a week at the same place, a student who goes to school/tuition five or six days in a week and many more. Among them, there are many who don't have their own vehicles and has to go in buses,local trains,etc but they are very uncomfortable to be travelling in. Most of the times they are fully packed and stops too many times for letting passengers in & out which is often the cause for reaching late to our destination. What about creating an online platform where people facing the above mentioned problems has to book only once to enjoy the rides regularly by spending some amount of money monthly or weekly. The rides will be provided through four wheelers or two wheelers depending upon their affordability.The user will provide the time, pickup location,destination,number of seats and also will choose whether he wants a two wheeler or four wheeler for his/her rides and also if he/she wants a pool if he/she chooses a four wheeler. So this was my idea, i hope you all like it and those who are interested in this idea here is my email Thank you

cheap rates

monthly/weekly charge

online booking

regular rides

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