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Replacing subscription news media

a startup idea shared by Ejnar HÃ¥konsen on 09/01/2017

News media: I am willing to pay for the quality and fact checking of subscription media, but I use so diverse news sources that no individual subscription makes sense. Subscription media everywhere is struggling with this problem and their hasty and sloppy clickbait efforts make fake news a growing problem.<br><br>Basic solution:<br>I choose a monthly dollar amount to donate. The startup distributes this to the media I use and appreciate, taking a 5% cut for itself.<br><br>- A donation service<br>- A way for reader to upvote/appreciate content<br>- A method of distributing the donation based on what the reader liked that month.<br><br>Bonus - quality media recommendation:<br>- Show popular articles and what people recommend them for.<br>- Display what people recommend particular articles/media for: First, funny, exciting, good writing, quality fact-checking, challenging conventions<br>- Breaking the media bubble: Which news do those with my own taste like? Which news are considered high quality among others? *Which news might challenge my viewpoints but is still liked by those with similar taste to me?*<br>- Display fact checking stats for the news being browsed + track record for the source.

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