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Resource Planning tool for Education Providers

a startup idea shared by Vaibhav Bhatnagar on 10/24/2013

Problems faced by Teachers at School: 1.) Too much curriculum, too little time 2.) Absence of Customized planning tools for education providers. Solution: 1.) Take additional tasks such as time-table development, performance monitoring and attendance monitoring off the teacher and assign it to software suite operated by a trained individual. This reduces the time a teacher takes to calculate monthly attendance for a class from 3 hrs. to less than 5 mins. As the attendance will be uploaded daily on to the system, which provides a real time day wise update in form of a pie chart as well as bar graph, comparing individual attendance with that of the class while highlighting leaves with permission, sick leaves and un-consented leaves, this will also provide real time update on internal tests along with parents of the student through a mobile app and web-based portal. Thus connecting parents, students and teachers and enabling overall development of the student. 2.) Developing a self explanatory module for teachers revolving around basic uses of internet with relevance to their respective subjects. 3.) At present there is no dedicated, RP tools only for education providers.

Attendance Monitoring

Campus Management System

Education Providers


Performance Monitoring

Resource Planning Tool

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