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Sausage do-it-yourself stand

a startup idea shared by kokisak on 04/24/2011

Once I was walking from the pub with my friends. It was a cold winter and in front of one restaurant there was a bin with burning wood, like to attract the people. We were standing around the bin, warming up the hands and in the same moment few of us said the same sentence: I would have a sausage! What can you do when you live in a city and want to have a nice, DIY made sausage on the club, like when you were a child in a summer camp? Squat someoneĀ“s garden? Make a fire on the street? I think that if you take nothing but a bin, make a fire in it, make some wooden clubs, take a guitar, sing some old cowboy songs and offer the peoplein the city or tourist or anyone to grill his sausage, for price of one or two Euro, you will make a happy moment for a lot of people - and for your moneybelt as well:-)






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