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Shane Wilson wants to realize this 5 years ago
Jahlom Agboado wants to realize this 6 years ago
Sharma Manish shared this idea 6 years ago

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Search engine

a startup idea shared by Sharma Manish on 07/06/2014

I had designed (developed a demp also) a search engine which will show matching records (or webpages) just like google, however with following factors Only fix number of records (say 5) will be shown in one hit. There will be no priority. Each record will have even chances of display on top. Each record will have a number called 'flash' associated with it. This number is the count of its showing on any search by anyone. The search algo will chose records based on descending order of the 'flash' number. Search string will work with operators like search clause for example "uk + usa" = uk and usa There will be other are but will disclose to joining members

search engine

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Jahlom Agboado Developer Ghana
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