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Segway Like Personal Transporter

a startup idea shared by Sanky on 11/22/2014

Segway is a technical marvel no doubt with so many application of control system within. What if there could be a PT with three wheel. In my opinion it should be teardrop shaped (2 wheel at front one at rear). The shape would be somewhat like inverted delta. Then at least we can save the cost of some control system like tilt control and focus on transportation ease instead. Well the machine would be control by the e-motors speed (slow at right side fast at left means turn right). Oh there will be two separate motor for two front wheel and rear is just to balance. I will do electronic eng (mainly for control system) and partly mech eng. work. If you interested mention how can you help.

Machine Design

Mechanical Enginering

Persoanl Transporter

Product Industry


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Sanky Ideator, Enginerring Design, Control System Design India
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