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Dongwoo Hong shared this idea 5 years ago

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Server based Personal Computer

a startup idea shared by Dongwoo Hong on 04/09/2016

Due to my 18 month old son pulling and pushing everything in sight, I began to think of ways to protect my PC. The monitor was not a problem because all I had to do was push it against the wall and it was out of harms reach. The problem was the tower case. The size of the tower itself and the space needed for the fans to work properly, also all the cable that is necessary to run the computer made it a challenge. The best way I could think of was to store the tower inside a closet and connect the monitor wirelessly. But then I thought, 'if the monitor is being connected wirelessly to a tower, why not connect it directly to a server, wirelessly.' A monitor that connects to peripheral devices and runs on a OS that is located on a server. It can expand to tablets and phones or anywhere else you could think of that has internet connection. e.g. car, plane, train, etc.





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