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Shagun/Gift during Wedding/Anniversary

a startup idea shared by Anuj on 05/03/2017

Currently cash is being used to give money as Omen in Indian Wedding and other occasions. Then there is dedicated person allocated to collect that money.While later lots of efforts are required to maintain those papers for further use in future.Also generally people are giving same gifts (4-5 juicers or 4-5 Iron Press) again and again in same wedding since they are not aware what other person is donating. Solution:- It can be solved by implementing a app which has an inbuilt functionality of giving Shagun/Nyota/gift from the app itself like having seamless integration with payment gateways such as paytm, bank transfer etc. It will help in appointing dedicated person to handle the cash all evening and carry the large amount of cash at the end of the night.While reporting functionality will help user to print out the name of the person and amount he gave. Organiser can have suggest some retail website like amazon etc from where they would like to have there wedding gift bought.So that every time some one buy Juicer or food processor it is reflected in Website/app so that other user can buy some other gift and repetitive gift could be avoided.Charity donation can also be done via app





Wedding Gift

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Bibek M I am intersted United states
udit choudhary Tester, prototype/wireframe/mockup designer New Zealand
Sapan Sheth Beginner Android Developer India
Shadab Mukadam Funding/ Investor London United Kingdom

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