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a startup idea shared by Rajesh Agraval on 08/13/2016

Sir!Car is an idea to help people who are travelling to work place from home on daily basis.<br>They are going to workplace by own/public transport. When someone out of home with his own car he also wants to get some earn by drop someone on his workplace on his route. <br>On our Sir!Car app user have to registered simply by his vehicle number and telling us how much passenger for which route he wants, than our other users who are using public transport are also get known by his vehicle going to same route of their workplace. All users are request to drop him with fare and have to pay by only our app, so by that we can go further. <br>We also connect Fuel Pump to Owner To driver to passenger, so its made simple to organize taxi owner to driver, when they doesn’t know how much taxi should earn and what he got.<br>And one who travelling daily alone should be get earned when he want.<br>Also solve out problem of change when fare is counting 2, 5 or 7 or whatever, coz they can pay by our app to wallet.<br>

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