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Small local paid work in your area

a startup idea shared by Nicholas Dougherty on 06/05/2015

If your bored and have alot of time and are in need of some quick cash, just whip out your phone, click on this app and see what people in your neighborhood or in your coty need done. Maybe someone a few blocks down need someone to walk their dog once a week. Or maybe they need you to mow their lawn. Or even just need a carwash, but are too lazy to do it. Small things that could take a day could be on one page. And weekend projects could be on another. The pay would be listed next to the project name along with description after you click on it.










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Uvaish Warsi Programmer Lucknow, India
Prince Sharma Developer Bangalore
Ed Cetera Designer Bremen, Germany
NS saravanan Big data Developer Chennai
Alfred Foo launch in my country Singapore
Omar Ali Muzaffar Software Developer (Java) Bolton, greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Rahul Jaiswal Android Developer Bangalore
Braa Frank Launch in my country Ghana
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Mert Yıldız Developer Turkey
Sanni Yëttïë Web developer - Launch in my country Lagos, Nigeria
Fatih Şentürk UI/UX Designer Turkey
Ayush Maheshwari Marketing,sales coordina Pune,India
Ali Jivajee launch in my country Toronto, Canada
Volodymyr Sharayenko C++Java Developer- launch in my country Ukraine
Abhishek Kollipara Android Developer Bangalore
Bashir Rezaee lunch in my country(Iran) Lets do it.Its a great idea +989138951202
Mustafa Hossaini BOSS Auckland
Ravi Shankar Singh developer and launcher in INDIA MUMBAI
Fluent Pixels UI/UX DESIGNER Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Midah Mosimanyana Launch in my country Botswana
ten Promoter South Africa
Tejas Patil Andriod developer India

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