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Social Network for price valuing friends

a startup idea shared by Aleksander Risilia on 10/10/2013

Would you register in a social network that will allow your friends to put a price tag on you based on the thought they have on how much do you value. The price would be limited say from 1$ to million dollar. You would be able to put a price to your friend anonimously. If he has many friends for a specified amount of friends the value of his value in dollars would increase because people have envy. People with great value in price from time to time would be awarded with a monetary prize or coupon. Tell me your opinion



social network


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Anurag Srivastava I had a similar idea. We can discuss. India
DaRshaN S ShEtty same pitch. let us discuss india
Alexandre Schiltz Marketing, promotion, extra ideas Brussels, Belgium
Uma I can fund it Singapore
Richard Cruz Developer Washington, US
Ian Mark Muninio Backend Developer Philippines
museeii museeeii Development, extra ideas Brazil
Nikzu Apps Frontend Developer, Translations, Illustrations Germany
Santhosh SK Development Bangalore
Essam Ayari Development, Lunching Tunisa

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