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Social Networking app for people with a life!

a startup idea shared by Nithin Ramesh on 11/21/2012

Basically it is a mobile social networking app that connects a very limited number of people (like may be around 10-15). Obviously, it could be used to share information with each other. But the USP of this app is activities that helps you to easily create meet-ups or similar activities. For example, you could easily create an activity like ‘meet-up for coffee’ or ’meet-up for a drink’ and the app will display different coffee shops/pubs nearby or distant. You just choose one and select the friends that you want to go out with. And the friends will get the notification on their phone/tablet with the location and time. Now, they can either accept or decline to join. Similarly for a movie/game as well. The app will show nearby theaters/films running or scheduled games and you can easily plan a program and book tickets. Another feature that I’m thinking about is a random event generator. Like if you have no idea what to do, touch the screen and the app will create a plan for you according to your group’s preferences.

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