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Software Factory

a startup idea shared by Max Avroutski on 12/08/2012

Industry-wide research from a reputable research firm revealed that over 65% of software projects are ether over-budget, over-time or never completed. To the rescue comes Software Factory - a future of software development. It's a marketplace that provides to Business people 100% guaranty of project completion: on-time, on-budget and to the specifications and does that cheaper and faster due to crowd-sourced library of pre-coded reusable software blocks and few additional technologies. This removes business risk of software development failure. Benefit to developers: They get to produce high quality code in projects that get finished. They get paid each time their code is reused in hundreds or even thousands of projects. (Like a writer for each copy of his book) They can work faster because large part of thinking of how to implement something already had been done.





Software development

Software Factory

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sai ahlad i wanna join as the software coder. vijayawada
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Dhaval Upadhyay PHP developer Gujarat
Visakh Vspm Software Developer Bangalore
Em Nganji ideal development Bangalore India
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