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Solar Power: Sell electricity per unit

a startup idea shared by Parth Choksi on 06/13/2015

Problem: I have worked on a Solar Power Project. I feel that Solar Power can and should be installed on as many roofs as possible. However, the major bottleneck I see in this is the high capital cost. Solution: In order to promote installation of Solar Panels, the best solution possible is to have the best financial solution possible. What I want to do is that the Solar company should install the Panels at their own cost on the customers roof and sell the electricity at a fixed cost with a certain escalation. This will resolve the problem for high upfront investment for the consumers and promote green energy.



renewable energy


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Rimbun Hutagalung Business Developer Solar Capital Jakarta
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Aman Agarwal Energy Professional Delhi NCR
Yaswanth Tinku director evolutionincubators vijayawada ,ap
Sean Siew Kf Code Malaysia
Shivam Shingla Business Developer panipat/delhi ncr

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