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Thomas Aelbrecht is watching this 6 years ago
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Solve money's influence in politics

a startup idea shared by Aaron Peterson on 10/20/2015

Citizens United vs FEC ruled that money is equal to free speech. Wealthy donors buy candidates in return for priveledges upon election. Special interests hire lobbyists to influence lawmakers. And Super PACS drop loads of money to ensure their message is the loudest message you get. This is the system as its designed and attempts to fight it have been futile. So lets embrace the suck and use the wonders of modern technology to even the playing field. I have an idea for a mobile app that will do just that. Using virulent sarcasm, clever programming and pop culture, this generation of millenials can be woken up and engaged in the political process the way they were meant to be. Buried in their cell phone and far away from a voting booth.




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Aaron Peterson Founder/Advisor San Diego
Atul Sharma Chief technologist,marketing,finance, advisor Chandigarh, india
Jason Feimster Business Developer, Executive Advisor Washington, DC
Thomas Aelbrecht Implementation Consultant, Politics Passionate London
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