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Space Travel

a startup idea shared by timmy philip on 10/06/2012

Ever heard of BIo Wifi? Could it be the next big thing. It could revolutionize space travel if harnessed properly. If a plan is framed out and executed around the concept of sustainable space travel, this could become a reality in our lifetime. Possibly allowing animals , eventually humans to take solo or group missions to other planets. Researchers in Standford University have been able to control some cell functions via the web. This can lead to various application pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fuel, etc. Fuel, life support and possibly food can be harnessed in an unique way to promote space travel in which cells would produce sustainable rocket fuel, air to breathe, H20 to drink, A possible dietary energy soucre, etc. This could change mankind forever. Stanford may eventually patent the the research, but I hope it would allow for some kind of opeportnity where many companies could partake in different asects of such an endeavor. Its a win-win for anybody who can assist.

ET. Mars


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