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Speed Monitoring System for non-developed Countries

a startup idea shared by Wasseem Eliasis on 05/04/2015

I live in Iraq, and here, as the corruption and wars going on for quite a time, I have an issue and i don't feel safe on our roads where traffic regulations are not monitored well by the state. in fact, where I live, Taxi drivers always develop new ways to avoid being caught on those random cameras installed on moving police cars which are parked on side of the road sometimes . so if a taxi driver suspect a certain car parked on the road contain a camera, he tell his other friends, so that they avoid it. My idea is to introduce a new speed monitoring system that can work, a tag or a device attached in every car that can carry ID of the car come with an app can be installed on any smart phone of a passenger, Making use of the GPS, it can record the route and speed and then upload it to the server. A passenger becomes an eye of the police authority, not only he will help the government and save lives, but he might get a percentage of the penalty sum in case the driver over-speed which i think it would help make this system popular to use.







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