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Stock Exchange - That let's you trade people!

a startup idea shared by R. H. Zonair on 01/22/2014

The underlying problem here is not that people don&apos;t have a clue about today&apos;s investment field but that people are not provided the best professionals. Don&apos;t expect Joe the plumber to have a grasp of futures or options in-fact don&apos;t expect that from Veronica the surgeon either. It is not their job to understand such things. So is there a method to provide them best professionals - Yes.<br><br>Here it is - have you ever heard that price mechanism (capitalism) ensures that the efficient get the most. Why not apply the same concept on the people that invented it in the first place! Just imagine:<br><br>An exchange that lists group of individual investment professionals. Their shares (not the conventional shares but bears resemblance to common stocks) priced according to the profits they are raking in. The one&apos;s raking in the most profit get ahead and to the top the one&apos;s that can&apos;t compete are going to head in the other direction. People through price (and other data) can get a clue about in which group to invest in A, B, or C.

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Business Intelligence



Financial Engineering


Risk Engineering

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