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Studying English by Googling the web

a startup idea shared by Yuri Che on 02/28/2011

I am studying English as a second language, currently, and I thinking about creating an app to make it is easier for folk like me. To create such app it is needed to apply a two(2) filters to the Google Search: 1) Grammar rules filter: Present continuous (I am doing), future time(will), reported speech, etc. (filtering texts that full of selected rule examples) 2) Reading levels filter: basic, intermediate, advanced. Second filter (reading level) is not a problem as it already exists at Google's advanced search. But first filter (Grammar rules) is not exists. Is it possible to create that? Here is the way how it should works: you enter the query and set your level of language skills and the grammar rule that you want to train by reading. Than press ENTER and it returns filtered results from Google around the globe with ability of further filtering by native google's filters.







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