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Submit Your Needs, Give Birth To Business Ideas

a startup idea shared by Meysam Feghhi on 07/12/2016

Ideas originate from needs and problems of people that could be member of any particular community and live anywhere in the world. I am thinking of a very simple website that people can say as a member of a particular community living in a particular place they have a particular problem or in the need of a particular service or product. Just take a look at the few examples below: I live in Tehran. Very big city. I want to rent a house but I am tired of actually going to different real state agencies. I wish there was a website where I could find a house to rent online. I am a youtube singer. I don't get much attention and my videos do not get viewed enough. I wish there was a website where I could sign up in singing competitions and maybe attract more viewers to my youtube channel. I am a piano teacher. I do not get much students these days. I wish there was a website where I could find students in my city or they could find me. People can vote for needs submitted by others near them indicating that this need is more serious. The website can offer rewards for top voted needs and this could be people's incentive to post their needs.






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