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Neha Pathak shared this idea 5 years ago

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sustainable development and employment

a startup idea shared by Neha Pathak on 09/23/2016

The plastic waste which is generated by workers will be sold by them to the factory itself which is currently working on plastic recycling. ways to generate employment : more engineers to think and build road of the waste accumulated near road side , like plastics and other items people belonging to all range should be paid for sharing ideas which will get implemented by government At least in government schools teachers must be employed specially for sustainable development , to teach how reuse the used plastic cups, and plastic bags, plant trees A particular group of female or male marshal arts trainers should be selected for each region ( small areas of every city ) to make girls and boys ( to make them efficient in self defence ) In small cities like in north region , local fruit and vegetable sellers should combine and produce fertilizers by their waste fruit and vegetable parts sell them in market and work under one roof

employment and development

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