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Bruno Khan shared this idea 4 years ago

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Swap my baby

a startup idea shared by Bruno Khan on 06/11/2016

- Problem: a couple with children wants to go out to dinner, is struggling to find a trustworthy and cheap babysitter. Could we use a couple of neighbors with child(ren) instead of a babysitter? - Description of the service: a '’ local for families in search of a 'babysitter'. The 'baby-sitter' in this case is not a youngster as in the traditional model, rather a family within the same building / area with child(ren) - Advantages: the family 'baby-sitter' is local, has children, I know them, I trust them (less likely to have a problem since we are neighbors, it works as a reference system like Uber does between customers and drivers), it’s free (they can ask me the same favor the other way next time), keeping one more child shouldn’t be a big problem, and it can even create a sense of community. - Potential customers: busy families in cities that want a quality babysitter and want to save money. Thoughts welcome








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