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Talent Showcase Social Media

a startup idea shared by Anthony Caleca on 01/14/2015

the entertainment industry is one of the most lucrative and biggest in the business. companies and business pay huge money to find the newest talent and the next best thing. What if we created a social media platform that resembled a Facebook but SPECIFICALLY for inspiring singers, rappers and dancers where they can upload their work and show case their talents. i know your thinking youtube, but what if record executives and talent agents can use this site specifically to search for new talent, instead of searching through millions of videos of people talking to their cats and jumping off ladders and useless stuff. think about American Idol, X factor and the voice MILLIONS of people try out each year and millions just to see a total of 12 judges, so picture how many people would sign up to see showcase their talent and try to get in touch with every major executive out there. All it would take is for one person like a Justin Bieber to get discovered and every person inspiring to become an entertainer will sign up and every, talent manager and record executive will be searching this daily. message me if you want to link up and help me create this



social media



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Jorama Koroivawai Web designer Sacramento
Michal Vala Back-end Java developer Czech Republic
Oshane Baker Web Developer New Jersey
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Kenneth Kabugo Human Centred Innovation Uganda

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