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Teach Children and Small Kids programming

a startup idea shared by Max Avroutski on 12/08/2012

Chess is interesting problem to solve, but most of the effort that is used to learn it and even to become a Grand Master is wasted on something that has no real world application. All good players all the way up to Grand Masters and World champions use hardwired to pattern matching chess, so all of their abilities are virtually useless for anything else. All the skills that could be reused somewhere else could be learned in chess in a month. Now, imagine a 2 year old kid that you inspired to program rather than play musical instrument or chess and then cultivated his interest in programming that he practice most days because he loves doing it like some prodigy kids love playing music or chess. And then imagine what he could accomplish by the time he is 18 years old. He may even be able to single-handedly rewrite entire source-code of Facebook from scratch in a few month. So I want to develop an educational program for 2 year olds and up to teach them programming.





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