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technology analytics

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 11/23/2014

I&apos;m a 16 year old plannin on creating a startup, so far I have the name &quot;techlytics&quot; thought up. If you guys have any suggestions for names please respond below. My idea: So we all know technology is rapidly evolving at a faster and faster pace, smartphones are getting faster and faster, tvs are getting more hi def, computers are getting more memory etc... I want to create a way to record this unprecedented growth in comsumer technology. Using a set of statistical algorithims, I want to be able to model technology trends, market conditions and the growth in technical specifications of specific products through time. So far I have created a program that analyzes 100+ technical variables of smartphones and then delivers a score of between 0-10000 with 10k being &quot;best phone on market&quot;. It will be a way for people to compare techproducts accurately and easily, make a purchasing decision and then buy the product. It is also a way for marketers and businesses to harness tech trends graphed from my data that I collect. <br>

big data

industry analytics

tech comparison

technology review

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