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Tele-psychiatry web app

a startup idea shared by othman El Moulat on 02/14/2013

Mental problems are today very common. one problem patients face is sometimes they can't go to see the psychiatric doctor in his clinic. ( imagine a patient with agoraphobia or other patients who their nature of mental problems requires secrecy). I propose building a web app for tele-psychiatry. There will be a list of registered professional psychiatrists and a list of patients. patients can search for a certain psychaitrirts and request a session appointment. psychiatrits respond by giving a time rendez-vous for the session. when the rendez-vous time approch both psychiatrist and patient are notified by email or phone sms ect.. they login to the web app go to session or meeting board then start sesssion which will be a private video conference session. we can enhance web app by providing psychiatrits with tools to take notes and record video session for playvack. and brush up the web app with many usefull options like payment management module , medical recod patient foleder ect..

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Partha Sarathi Ghosh Developer Kolkata, India
Syed Shahid Gillani Web developer Islamabad, Pakistan

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